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The Sixth Planet

This isn't the usual crap that comes from Uranus.

26 September 1976
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I'm a huge geek. To be fair I am the king of the geeks in my area since I own a chain of comic book and game stores. So as long as I go to comic book stores I'm cool. I'm married and have a daughter who one day will rule my geek empire. I work a lot. Did I mention a lot?

I'm also the site owner of Supernaturally Twisted (www.spntwisted.com), an open fanfiction archive for Supernatural crossover fanfic.

I'm also a moderator at Twisting the Hellmouth (www.tthfanfic.org), a great Buffy crossover site.

And I'm also the owner of Atlantis Games & Comics (www.atlantis-comics.com) which has 3 locations in the Hampton Roads, Va area.

So there you have it. Between comic book stores and fanfiction I have no real grasp of what "ordinary" people do. But I can say that to me it doesn't seem very ordinary at all.

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