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Willow Comic

Today Was a Good Day....Didn't Even Have to Use My AK...

Posted on 2012.10.06 at 01:43
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So Athena begged me to let her stay up a little later to do her chores on Thursday. I hated to discourage such eagerness to do chores so I let her. :) She got everything done except put her clean clothes away and wash the dishes. She finished those tonight. All so she could get her allowance and spend it on a toy. She's had a chore list to do if she wanted allowance but I don't think it really clicked until this week. I've been telling her every time she asks for a toy or something that if she had the money she could buy it but that I wasn't going to buy it for her. And she saw a toy she wanted that was 4.50 on clearance so she got the job done. While we were at the store I told her I would buy her a wallet to keep her money in since she was just walking around with a fist full of dollar bills. lol. She spent about 30 minutes "trying to make the right decision" on which one to buy. It alternated between a panda wallet, a Yoshi wallet, a Mario Brothers wallet and this glittery pink cheetah looking print. I was really sad she didn't even consider the Batgirl wallet. She tried to escalate it to getting a wallet and a purse since it matched and she can't just carry a wallet!?!? And she can use it when she's a grown up. It was just so cute to see her putting so much thought into which purse/wallet to buy.

In store news the new Magic the Gathering set Return to Ravnica came out today and it sold very very well. Between that and some other big sales we actually did an entire weeks worth of sales...twice...in one day. It's crazy. Also in store news I may have to fire some employees. I send out a weekly email and at the end I ask a question that requires a response so I know the email was read. I actually had 2 employees say they didn't know either of the people in my question. The question was: "Who would win in a fight between Ash from Army of Darkness and Snake Plissken from Escape From New York?" TWO PEOPLE THAT WORK IN A COMIC/GAME STORE DIDN'T KNOW OF EITHER OF THOSE PEOPLE! THE APOCAGEDDON IS UPON US! I have to fire them right?

PS: If you don't know who either of those people are please Wikipedia them or something and lie to me. I don't think I could take it otherwise.


Jo-Anne Storm
jo_anne_storm at 2012-10-06 07:27 (UTC) (Link)
Plisskin would win. As much as I adore Bruce Campbell, Ash is absurd.
Jo-Anne Storm
jo_anne_storm at 2012-10-06 16:57 (UTC) (Link)
LOL I just told my husband about this. His first response was: In a comic book store?!?!

He also votes for Ash, because Ash has the entire resources of S-Mart behind him. And Plisskin would just stare at Ash like he was an idiot until it was too late.
dharkapparition at 2012-10-07 13:16 (UTC) (Link)
Both Ash and Snake are awesome characters. I think Snake would win if they actually fought. But I think they'd actually kick the ass of the person trying to make them fight and then go have a beer.
satyrnfive at 2012-10-18 23:45 (UTC) (Link)
I think they might just kill each other since I feel they would both know the Bangkok rules.
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