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Willow Comic

FOR SALE: 14K White Gold Diamond Engagment Ring

Posted on 2010.05.27 at 16:23
You know what you need? A 14K White Gold 1/3 Carat Marquis Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring. :)

Anybody planning to get married? I have a great deal on a nice engagement ring. It's not my wife's. :) It's not stolen either. But we are trying to refinance our house so we can get caught up on bills and are trying to build up a little money for that purpose. We're just squeaking by on what money we have now. So if you know anybody that can use this let me know. I'll even do a manip or write a story for you if that's what it takes. :) Send people my way, spread the word...assuming I haven't been forgotten by everybody. lol. I've been working so much that I spend very little time online anymore unless it's for work.

Below the cut is the description and certification of the ring. I don't want to say I'm desperate...but I'm desperate.

I have a Diamond Engagement ring from a failed engagement attempt. The ring itself has never been worn and is in beautiful shape. There are no scratches and the diamond is exceptional quuality. I also have the paperwork which includes a picture as well as other identifying details of the ring from a certified local jewelry appraiser that values it at 1900.00. It was purchased locally at Gordon's Jeweler. I am looking to get 1000.00 for the ring. I will also accept offers but I will give preference to higher offers. Attached is the actual image of the ring. Below is the description of the ring taken directly from the appraisal which was done by a certified appraiser.

The ring is stamped RMFG 14K 950 Pt GORDONS .31. The solitaire style ring consists of a 14K white gold shank tapering in width from 2.62mm at the shoulders down to 1.80mm bottom center. Top center is a 95% platinum six-prong setting containing one vertically set marquise cut diamond. It measures 6.40mm x 3.54mm x 2.21mm in length, width and depth (length and depth are approximate due to the mounting), and it weighs 0.31ct. estimated by formula (.31 stamped inside the shank). It is SI2 in clarity and appears to be F in color with no fluorescence. The combined metals are estimated to weigh 1.83 pennyweights. The ring was cast, assembled and handset. The ring is in excellent condition.

Total Value –$1,900.00


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satyrnfive at 2010-05-27 21:23 (UTC) (Link)
It sucks out there right now. I wish I was some huge car company so I could get some bailout money. :( If you find someone that wants it though I'll give you 10%. Just make sure they tell me you sent them.
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