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Willow Comic

ART: Buffy/Faith (Work In Progress)

Posted on 2009.12.28 at 23:10
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Need some opinions on this...it just doesn't seem to work. I have full color versions of both of these but I can't get the colors to match so I did grayscale.

I'm trying to get back into doing some manips but I feel like I'm out of practice. Buffy seems more in focus than Faith and I'm not sure how to correct that in photoshop.

Buffy/Faith WIP Buffy/Faith WIP (color)


Kayla Shay
kaylashay at 2009-12-29 04:14 (UTC) (Link)
Hmm.... probably the easiest way to fix the contrast between the two is mute Buffy to match Faith. Try using contrast or brightness.... It would be harder to make Faith shaper I think.

There's also some rough edges around Buffy's arm on the cut out.

But I LOVE the concept and the images you got for the two. They 'fit'.
satyrnfive at 2009-12-29 05:30 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. I added a color version to the original post as well. It looks better than I recalled. I went in and fixed the rough edges on Buffy's right arm.
Kayla Shay
kaylashay at 2009-12-29 05:42 (UTC) (Link)
Oooo... me likes the color version.

You've got a bit of original background in between the hair on Faith's left side. You might also take out the little white dot at the bottom where Faith's legs separate. There's not enough to tell at first glance that it is her legs separating and not a little white mark from something else.

This is so pretty!
chosenfire28 at 2009-12-29 05:18 (UTC) (Link)
What Kayla said and wow that is going to be beautiful
satyrnfive at 2009-12-29 05:31 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. I just added a color version to the original post as well.
obiwahn at 2009-12-29 05:19 (UTC) (Link)
I would up the contrast on Faith, and see what that does. Also you can use a sharpen tool on her - but be careful not to overdo it. As far as the rough edges around Buffy's arms, I think the smudge tool would work. Make sure to zoom in on it a lot and use a very small smudge brush though.

I think this has the potential to be fantastic!
satyrnfive at 2009-12-29 05:32 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. I added a color version to the original post as well.

I'm going to play around with a few things and see what that does.
Jo-Anne Storm
jo_anne_storm at 2009-12-29 13:53 (UTC) (Link)
I usually fuzz around every cut out (smudge tool, blur tool, whatever floats your boat on that) to soften edges and give a more natural appearance. People have mentioned specifically Buffy's arm, but you might want to try it on the edges of everything and see how that looks to you.
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