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Supernatural Season 6 & 7 - I watched them finally

Posted on 2013.01.07 at 06:39
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First off I know this is old news but I'm going to talk about mildly spoilery stuff. (See I still have manners)

I realized something about Supernatural. To me, what made it good were the supporting characters. Bobby, Jo, Ellen...even some of the demons. When the show did the whole Heaven/Hell/Heaven civil war/war I couldn't figure out why I wasn't digging it. Part of it was that I felt the Winchesters were just too outgunned but I think it was mainly because the angels were so boring and serious.

And let me just gush about the most awesome new characters from the seasons I just watched.
-Hunter Garth - He's just so ridiculous but he just fits. :) I mean who doesn't love a guy that rolls around blastin Poison from Bell Biv Devoe.
-Drunk Castiel - Go home Castiel, you're drunk!
-And best of all...Lucifer in Sam's head. I just love how he alternated between fake torture and then singing random songs in his head. The random comments that Lucifer made were just great.

I might see if I can find some highlight clips to post. There were some nice story moments too although there were some characters that died I wasn't too happy about.

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