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How was fandom while I was gone?

Posted on 2011.10.31 at 02:37
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I've been at best a LJ lurker for a while. I blame the ease and shallowness of facebook. It's just so much work to write more than 1 or 2 sentences these days. :)

So what's everyone been up to? What's the cool new thing? I still love me some Buffy and am getting caught up on Season 6 of Supernatural via Netflix. I also started watching a few new things...which I will force you to read about below. I have some old favorites I still watch like Sons of Anarchy, Fringe, Breaking Bad & The League.

Ringer: I was happy to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back and the show seems interesting but since it's not available On Demand with Cox Cable I probably won't follow it. I just don't have a very good laptop and I don't like to sit at the computer and watch TV.

Terra Nova: Has a good concept but I think that the writers didn't really think about how people would live in a world where dinosaurs roamed the land. They treat it like humans living a jungle where they just have to worry about a lion or something. Big Game animals are dangerous and all but dinosaurs are a whole other level of danger. I don't care how big your rifle is...don't pretend you're gonna stop T-Rex with a gun you can carry. That and they have way too many windows and glass doors in a place with a wall that doesn't seem like it would stop a dinosaur that REALLY wanted in. And what about dinosaurs that fly? Despite that little mini rant the show has some promise. Mainly the whole Terra Nova/Sixer conflict. It's kind of like the whole Others thing in Lost without all the intricate plots.

Walking Dead: I haven't posted about it since it started but I love the show. I love the comic book and they did a great job of capturing the feel of the comic in the show. I just wish they would pick up the pace a bit. It's not like Robert Kirkman doesn't already have 7 years of material to draw from.

Falling Skies: I started to watch but kind of gave up after half of the first season. I just lost interest. Why would aliens want to steal our teenagers? I liked it better when the aliens were just killing everybody and nobody knew why.

So what shows have I missed out on? And is Wincest still popular? I was hoping to ride that one out. ;)


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satyrnfive at 2011-11-02 08:18 (UTC) (Link)
If you aren't familiar with Walking Dead then it's best to just assume that any one can die at any moment. The comic is full of "main characters" dieing. As soon as you think "Hey, this guy is one of the main characters. He can't die," they're zombie food. Or any number of WTF! they're dead! moments. So maybe it will make you feel better that he's probably going to die. Honestly they're probably all going to die at some point. Shane has already lasted longer than he did in the comic.

And congrats on the back to school. Will I be seeing you holding up a sign saying you are in $100000000 of debt because you got a master's degree in underwater basket weaving?
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satyrnfive at 2011-11-03 06:39 (UTC) (Link)
Shop at 99% Signs!

I can actually see you making crazy 99% signs and setting up a site and selling them for the cause....cause you wants that cash!
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