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Dawn -Holy Shit

Buffy & Supernatural *GASP* Shocking News!!! ;)

Posted on 2009.12.03 at 23:36
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*Disclaimer: I think this is interesting & funny so while this isn't a total ad to buy stuff from me I do want you to know that if you actually want to buy one let me know. :) I do own a store for a reason after all...to sell things. lol.

So I thought I'd share some shocking fandom news!

Villain of Season 8 Buffy comics revealed! *GASP*

The Supernatural RPG came out finally. As well as a new series of collector magazines that come with a hand painted metal figure. So far they have Buffy & Angel with Spike being the next in the line.

See more random Supernatural/Buffy item pics here:

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