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Ginger Snaps

Posted on 2009.11.21 at 03:44
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Just finished watching Ginger Snaps and couldn't placed where I had seen Ginger before. Turns out she was Ava from Supernatural.

The whole time I was watching I was just thinking what a cool crossover this would be with Buffy or Supernatural. Although I also thought it would be just as cool if Brigitte decided to become a werewolf to be with her sister. And the whole Ginger/Brigitte interplay was very Buffy/Faith to me even down to Ginger calling Brigitte 'B' all the time. And then there's the whole Brigitte becoming a hunter after the end thought process I had. Has anybody else seen this? I plan to watch the sequels soon to see how they compare.


avamclean at 2009-11-21 13:01 (UTC) (Link)
The sequel isn't nearly as good and Bridgette is also this SPN's season's Becky.
satyrnfive at 2009-11-21 15:50 (UTC) (Link)
It's good to know that an actress can lock in the awkward weird girl role and make a living off it. :)

Have you seen the other Ginger Snaps movie? I guess it's some kind of prequel?
dharkapparition at 2009-11-21 20:41 (UTC) (Link)
The first one is the only one I've seen. I liked it. I'm thinking I need the other ones too.
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