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Rainy Day Go Away

Posted on 2009.11.12 at 12:30
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We have this whole noreaster thing going which means we have three days of floodworthy rain. It's the kind of weather you don't want to go out in. Well...most people anyway. I'm being lazy at home since I don't have a choice as my daughter's school was canceled due to the weather. It doesn't help that my roof is leaking either. We had an addition to the living room about a year ago and the roof isn't right. They've fixed it about 3 times now. I thought the third time would be the fix but this weather proved me wrong. So now I have to get them out to fix it again.

How is your day going?


azraelz_angel at 2009-11-13 03:05 (UTC) (Link)
That's ridiculous that they weren't able to properly install an addition and not ruin your roof. :( Sorry to hear that you'll have to get them to fix it, yet again.
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